Sustainable Blacon

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Aims of Sustainable Blacon

Sustainable Blacon aims to generate a model sustainable urban community.
We are working on four “greens”:

  1. Open spaces
  2. Transport
  3. Energy
  4. Social enterprises

Sustainable Blacon

What is "Sustainable Blacon"?

Sustainable Blacon is based on the regeneration work in Blacon since 1999 and the successful ways that local people have developed in working with organisations to improve life here for all.

Blacon Community Trust ( set up Sustainable Blacon Ltd. to take forward the area’s plans for a secure future for Blacon.  The people in charge of Sustainable Blacon Ltd. are local residents, representatives from Chester and District Housing Trust and Cheshire West and Chester Council and expert advisers from an energy, green spaces and urban design background.

We want to improve life and the environment in Blacon and we hope our experience will encourage and help other communities in the vital task of cutting carbon emissions for a more sustainable future.

Read about how Blacon is supported by the Department of Energy and Climate Change through the Low Carbon Communities Challenge here.

Examples of what we’ve done

Green spaces

Blacon Greenway and Old Station Site

Blacon’s station was knocked down when the line was closed in the 1960s and is now a national cycle route.  Since 2007, with help from local people from Blacon’s schools and community groups, the Council, local organisations like M&S Money, B&Q, First Bus and funding from the Big Lottery and WREN and the Council, the site and a section of the cycleway has been transformed with landscaping, replanting and art work.  The original station sign was saved during the demolition and was been returned to be displayed shortly on the site.

Green transport

Engaging local people in healthier, cheaper and low carbon travel is a key part of our work.  As part of the Cycle Chester Project, we have been working to increase the numbers of people out and about on their bikes particularly through Blacon’s training children and young people in the five primary schools and Blacon High School.  West Cheshire Primary Care Trust is encouraging over 50s to take up cycling and, with the Council, has also run four bike repair workshops putting 220 bikes back on the road this year.  We also offer a free bike loan scheme and promote walking and public transport as better alternatives to using a car.

Green energy estimate the average household energy bill in 2020 will be £5,000.  We need to act soon to make our houses and other buildings far more energy efficient so we can reduce our bills and the amount of carbon going into the air from using fossil fuels which is adding to the threat of climate change.  We actively support schemes to enable residents to insulate their homes and highlight this through Thermal Imaging Surveys which show heat escaping from buildings (in red). 

Through a partnership with British Gas and Chester and District Housing Trust we are upgrading houses in Blacon in 2010 as one of British Gas' 10 UK Flagship Areas for its Community Energy Saving Programme.  We are also developing plans to demonstrate low carbon technologies on a large scale in Blacon including the new "smart" meters and the use of renewable energy, that is energy from the sun, wind or ground.  We will set up soon a local demonstration house and shop to let people know how they can get involved and keep their energy bills down.  We are also planning to upgrade public buildings in the area to generate energy and reinvest money within Blacon.

Green social enterprises

We are keen to promote businesses which have a lower impact on the environment.  One example is Blacon Furniture Project based in Blacon Parade.  The Project collects reusable furniture and sells it at low cost, keeping waste from going to landfill and providing local jobs and volunteering opportunities.  Chester and District Housing Trust support the project to help them re-use some furniture left behind in their vacated properties.

How you can get involved

There are lots of ways in which local people can get involved in Sustainable Blacon.  please email for further details.

Contact details

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